Welcome to the Michael “Chet” Smith Memorial Fund Website!

Smile everyone.  Smile because you knew him.  Smile because his legacy will continue.  He is still, and forever will be, with us.  Chet meant a lot of things to anyone whom he touched.  We’ll always miss him.  It is an honor to provide a place of memories, where all Chet’s family and friends can share his love, his spirit and the fun that he brought to all our lives.

And there is much still to be done. Get over it, Chet.  We’re gonna help, because we want to help.  We are going to help with the cost of Luke’s future educational needs.  The Michael “Chet” Smith Memorial Fund has been set up for this purpose.

We hope you enjoy this site.  We hope you are moved by this site.  We hope you’ll donate to the fund and help Luke and Angie continue what Chet started.








Be sure to check the Blog and Stuff Page below regarding the 1st Annual Michael “Chet” Smith Memorial Golf Outing to be held July 20th at the Crystal Springs Golf Resort in Hamburg, NJ   


God Bless

On this contemplative page, we’ll post things that invoke or remind us of God’s blessings, however they may appear.  It’s going to be somewhat random, but with a purpose…Chet was a blessing and we are blessed to have known him.    Think.  Reflect. Laugh. Cry.  Smile.

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.  Abraham Lincoln        (from Chet’s headstone)

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make….”  Paul McCartney        


No memorial for a devout Irishman would be complete with out this.
Contemplate this! How did this sneak in here? Oh C’mon! No Irishman’s memorial website would be complete without this too!
Luke’s baptism at St. Luke’s in Ho-Ho-Kus.
Superman comes in all kinds of packaging.
Pure Happiness

About Chet

Who was Michael “Chet” Smith?

On this page, we will post responses to this question from family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues, and, yes, even from Yankee fans…basically,  from anyone who’d like to tell us their answer to that question. We hereby solicit from any of you visiting this website – share it with us, send us your thoughts.  Let’s have some fun here.  Keep the memories flowing.

First up is a wonderfully written article, which appeared in the Bergen Record, by Jay Levin.

A Life: Michael “Chet” Smith, 1963-2016 http://www.northjersey.com/story/life/announcements/obituaries/2017/01/06/michael-chet-smith-advocate-disabled-dies-53/96007468/

Chet was a writer.  Here are a couple of articles he contributed to:                                (1) TBI NEWS & VIEWS, a Publication of the Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury System; and (2) CONNECTIONS, a publication of the Northern New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury System:

(1)  see pages 6-7  KF_2015 Winter TBI Newsletter_WEB

(2) see pages 4-5    SCI_Newsletter_2014_Vol3_No1_web_FINAL











Blog and Stuff

We’re Having the 1st Annual Michael “Chet” Smith Memorial Golf Outing

Dear Friends; Family; Ranger Fans; Giant Fans; Mets Fans; Boss Fans; Food Fans; Anyone Who Can Read; Anyone Whose Golf Handicap is 128 or Lower; and yes, even Yankee Fans: This is BIG! We’re going to have a golf outing, the 1st Annual Michael “Chet” Smith Memorial Golf Outing.  It’ll be fun; it will be …

Here’s Luke

Luke Michael Smith (originally known as Seong Min Lee) arrived at JKF Airport from Seoul, Korea on July 3, 2005.  From the moment Michael laid eyes on him, he was his son, the child he was told he would never have.  After several tries at writing down what Luke meant to Michael, I realized the best way to share this with you was not in words, but in pictures.  So, here is my attempt at a pictorial essay …

Gotcha Day – July 3, 2005



Luke’s First Night



My Supermen
Our First Family Christmas



Beachin’ It
Legal Adoption Day – June 28, 2006
New Hats
Jamestown Settlement
Cheers to Bermuda
More Hats
Ground Zero
Equal Time for The Yanks



Luke Takes the Oath of Citizenship –                 Oct 30, 2013
Favorite Hangouts
Boston Boys
Waldwick Car Show
Working the Wheelchair 10k
Kessler Foundation Stroll ‘n Roll